December 10, 2021

Prime Minister Announces Next Steps for Safe Restart Agreement

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, recently announced the next steps for the Safe Restart Agreement, which is aimed at helping provinces and territories restart their economies in a safe and coordinated manner amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The Safe Restart Agreement was first announced back in July 2020, and it provides $19 billion in funding to provinces and territories to support efforts to safely restart their economies. The funding is intended to cover areas such as testing and contact tracing, personal protective equipment (PPE), and support for vulnerable populations.

In his announcement on May 28th, 2021, the Prime Minister outlined several new measures that will be taken to support the safe reopening of the economy. These include:

1. Expanding rapid testing: The federal government will provide funding to support the expansion of rapid testing across the country. Rapid testing can help identify cases of COVID-19 quickly, which can help prevent further spread of the virus.

2. Boosting vaccine uptake: The federal government will work with provinces and territories to increase vaccine uptake. This will involve increasing vaccine availability and developing outreach programs to encourage people to get vaccinated.

3. Supporting mental health: The Safe Restart Agreement will provide funding to support mental health services for Canadians who have been affected by the pandemic. This includes support for frontline workers, Indigenous people, and others who have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic.

4. Enhancing long-term care: The federal government will work with provinces and territories to improve long-term care facilities. This will involve increasing funding for staffing and infection prevention and control measures.

5. Providing continued economic support: The Safe Restart Agreement will continue to provide funding to support businesses and individuals who have been impacted by the pandemic. This includes support for small businesses, workers, and people who are unable to work due to illness or caregiving responsibilities.

Overall, the Prime Minister`s announcement provides an important roadmap for the safe reopening of the Canadian economy. By taking a coordinated and comprehensive approach, the federal government and the provinces and territories can work together to ensure that Canadians are protected from COVID-19 while also supporting economic recovery.


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