Offering customized packages to suit every bit of your farm.

And at Emmerson, we'll create the best insurance policy for you, so you know you’re covered before you actually need to use it.

  • Rural Living

    Like us, The Commonwell lives the rural life, and understand what makes your farm and community unique.
  • Enhanced Technology

    A new innovative farm fire risk partnership with PrevTech and an enhanced poultry product to optimize operational efficiencies.
  • Full Coverage

    For rural living and hobby farming including roadside produce stands and hobby animals all the way up to a full large farming operation.

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Maximize Efficiency. Reduce Risk.

Every farm is a bit different from the next, with unique insurance requirements. Essential coverage options include:

  • Farm Dwellings (including personal property, living expenses and personal effects)
  • Outbuildings (including sheds, barns, or garages)
  • Livestock & Produce
  • Machinery
  • Business Interruption and Builders’ Risk
  • Personal Liability
  • Liability for Others’ Onsite Livestock
  • Limited Pollution Liability
  • Livestock Mortality (Cattle & Horses)

*New* Discount for PrevTech Enabled Buildings

Members who choose to install PrevTech in their buildings will now be eligible for a 10% discount on each of the buildings monitored by PrevTech’s Services. In order to receive the discount, you must submit your certificate provided by PrevTech to your Emmerson broker. A sample certificate can be found here.

The Commonwell Member Credit

The Commonwell believes so strongly in this partnership that a Commonwell Member Credit of $600 will be applied on the purchase of each PrevTech Unit required for a conform installation. This credit is available to all eligible members and will be automatically added to your invoice.

How does it work?

With PrevTech’s device and monitoring service you get 24/7 surveillance as the system monitors your electrical system, detecting faults and electrical overheating. When an anomaly is detected the system alerts you and your preferred electrician by SMS.

PrevTech’s expert team provides additional support and feedback to help you prioritize upgrades and fixes. As an added bonus, members receive subsidized pricing on PrevTech devices and discounted insurance on the buildings monitored by PrevTech.

View the health of your network at any time

The monitoring service includes:

  • Online monitoring dashboard at your fingertips on your phone, tablet or computer
  • Technical Support
  • Quarterly Report
  • Yearly Conformity Site Visit

Why install and subscribe to PrevTech?

  • Always on Monitoring
  • Identify Opportunities to Improve Operational Efficiency
  • Prioritize Electrical Upgrades Based on Data Backed Risk/Opportunity
  • Protect Your Animals
  • Protect Your Assets
  • Save on Insurance
Step 1

Step 1

Simple and fast install

Step 2

Step 2

24/7 Surveillance

Step 3

Step 3

Anomalies Detected

Step 4

Step 4

Send SMS Alerts